Bis-MAN Steel Dart association

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Chase?
A:  Chase is a game with its beginnings in Fargo, ND. It is played just like cricket, with the numbers 20-10 in play, while the bulls eye is not used. The 14,11 and 15,10 segment are usually the key.

Q: How are teams placed in divisions ?
A:  Typically in steel dart tournaments, teams play a round robin tournament and are placed according to their wins/losses. Fewer losses = higher division.

Q: How do I set up my board?
A: Dartboards are to be hung where the center of the board is 5ft 8in (173 cm) high. I would strongly recommend that you hang it on a backboard, or any other type of backing, to help protect your walls. Four holes in the wall is better than hundreds of little holes. The line, or ockey, should be 7ft 9.25in (2.37 meters) from the face of the board for steel-tip and 8ft for soft-tip.  Measured diagonally, for steel-tip, from the bull's-eye down to the floor, it is 9ft 7 3/8in.

Dartboard Setup